Speaker Spotlight – Laura Hawkins

Laura is Director of Inbound Marketing at Kula Partners. She leads a team of marketers that work together with designers and developers to create and execute digital strategies that help clients across North America sell more. @lauraahawkins

What’s been your best experience with WordPress?

The fact that it can so easily be customized and used. We build custom websites for our clients which help them achieve their business goals and are easy to manage.

Tell us a bit about your WordCamp Halifax talk.

I want my talk to help people who manage a site as part of their job or have a personal blog to create more effective, compelling content that can be found in search engines and encourages readers to convert.

What’s your favourite thing about attending WordCamps?

This will be my first time, but my guess is connecting with other WordPress users and sharing our knowledge and experiences

Recommend one to three people in the WordPress world to follow on social media!

@ltdesroches @brightwhite @liveactionfloyd

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?


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