Speaker Spotlight – Andrea Rennick

Andrea is a Customer Support Lead for Rainmaker Digital, the company that owns the Rainmaker platform, the Copyblogger content marketing blog and Studiopress, the company behind the Genesis framework. She’s also a grandmother of 3, and in her spare time makes quilts from Wordcamp tshirts. @andrea_r

What’s been your best experience with WordPress?

Hands down, best experience is the community and attending WordCamps.

Tell us a bit about your WordCamp Halifax talk.

My talk will show how it really is the community that makes WordPress awesome and even though I worked really hard to get where I am now, a lot of my success is because of the support from awesome members of the community itself. Now I want to spread that love.

What’s your favourite thing about attending WordCamps?

The people! All those avatars matched with real faces!

Recommend one to three people in the WordPress world to follow on social media!

Mika Epstien – @ipstenu She is part of the plugin review team, you’ll learn a lot from her.
Helen Hou-Sandi – @helenhousandi Core WordPress developer

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?

I would love for the power to be able to transfer all my WordPress knowledge from my brain instantly to someone else’s.

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