Speaker Spotlight – Maxime Jobin

Maxime Jobin is the cofounder of SatelliteWP, a maintenance service for WordPress where business owners can forget about the technical aspect of running a website and focus on their business objectives. He manages several companies in various sectors where the same objective prevails: increase productivity through automation. He acts as a speaker to share his expertise and knowledge. Focusing on efficiency and return on investment, he is an expert in the analysis and development of computerized solutions. @maximejobin

What’s been your best experience with WordPress?

I’ve met people all around the world because of WordPress that I can call my friends. I am really grateful for what WordPress brought to my life. Yes, it’s a great software but it also brings people together.

Tell us a bit about your WordCamp Halifax talk.

My talk is about selling your skills. Selling is hard and when you compete at the lower level, it is even tougher. That is why it is so important to have a plan to stand out and be recognized. Otherwise, you will think you need to under price yourself. I hate to see when people do that. The more they do it, the more they get the wrong customers for their business. Fortunately, it can be changed!

What’s your favourite thing about attending WordCamps?

For me, WordCamp is all about “meeting and learning”.

Recommend one to three people in the WordPress world to follow on social media!

Carl Alexander is one of them. He is good at taking something complex and explaining it piece by piece until you get the whole picture.

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?

Freeze time. That way, I could enjoy even more what I’m doing with the awesome people that surround me. That first WordCamp Halifax would then be on for a lifetime!

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