6 Reasons You Should Attend WordCamp Halifax

6 Reasons You Should Attend WordCamp Halifax

Whether you are just starting your first WordPress website or have been using the platform professionally for years, there is one event in the WordPress community that you can’t afford to miss.

We’re talking about WordCamps. These are locally organized, 100% volunteer-run conferences that are hosted by the WordPress community, for the WordPress community.

If you’re not sure what you would get from attending a WordCamp, check out the list below for our top 7 reasons you should pack your tent* and make your way to a WordCamp near you. Attention Atlantic Canadians: WordCamp Halifax is happening May 27th and is the only WordPress conference east of Montreal. So, you know… attend!

1. You’ll experience the WordPress community as you never have before

Some may see WordPress as just a way to build websites, but it’s so much more than that. WordPress is made by people for people, and part of the WordPress Foundation’s goal is to spread as much love for it as possible. Therefore, WordCamps exist to showcase the community behind the code magic. They are designed to be accessible to anyone with an interest in WordPress, so you’re bound to make great connections with those who can help you with your site, your business and your own personal goals. Maybe you’re a developer looking for clients, or a brand new WordPress user looking for a mentor. Come to WordCamp Halifax and make a friend. Or fifty.

2. Three different learning tracks means beginners and pros alike will be inspired

Tech conferences can seem intimidating to beginners who worry everything will be over their head. Seasoned professionals worry they won’t be challenged if they go to small-scale events. Don’t worry, WordCamp Halifax has you covered by offering programming through three different levels:

  • Content Creators are the easiest sessions, requiring little to no previous WordPress experience. Basic how-tos, introduction to design concepts and getting cozy with the platform can be enjoyed at these sessions.
  • Site Creators are the intermediate sessions available, making previous knowledge of WordPress beneficial but not required. Small amounts of CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript will be presented. Often marketing, user experience, development flows and other interesting topics are presented in these sessions.
  • Code Creators are the advance sessions of WordCamp, which present more complex concepts in CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript. Take in a plugin demo, learn a new workflow and discuss advanced topics important to the evolution and future of WordPress.

3. It won’t break the bank

WordCamps aim to be accessible to all people who want to attend, so they keep the ticket prices affordable. WordCamp Halifax is only $25. What do you get for that little price tag?

  • Full-day conference with three different steams of learning
  • Sweet, sweet swag
  • Catered lunch and snacks
  • Networking opportunities
  • One-on-one help with your site
  • A sweet after-party for more networking and snacks

There aren’t many full-day conferences out there offering all that for $200, let alone $25.

4. You can get your questions answered by real people at the Happiness Bar

If you’ve been using WordPress for some time, there has probably been an instance where you found yourself having a problem that you’re not quite sure how to solve. At WordCamp, you can find volunteers who love to help at the ‘Happiness Bar’. No, it doesn’t serve beer but you will leave smiling just the same. This is an area where WordPress professionals sit ready to help you one-on-one with your site. Fix errors, learn a new technique or get feedback on your design.

5. Learn from local, national and international speakers

WordCamp Halifax aims to showcase a variety of perspectives and disciplines in the speaker lineup. Developers, designers, best-selling authors, new users, thought-leaders and unicorns make up the schedule in three streams of talks. Some are part of an ongoing WordCamp speaking circuit and have been talking on many topics at various Camps over the years. For other speakers, this will be their first time sharing their unique session to the likes of WordCamp. All are equally valuable in representing the depth of the WordPress community.

6. Network in a more casual, fun atmosphere

There are many opportunities to network during WordCamp! During the conference you can mingle between sessions, at the Happiness Bar and with speakers during Q&A. Since the catered lunch is on-site, you’ll have time to chat with fellow attendees instead of spending the break finding a place to eat. And when the day is done, all ticket holders are invited to the afterparty where you can talk more with speakers, organizers and fellow Camp goers; Nibbling on some complimentary snacks at the same time! Break out of the grind and get excited about new-to-you aspects of WordPress.

If you still have any doubts as to whether WordCamp is for you, don’t worry! Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but you can sign up for up-to-date information about the event and find out as soon as tickets go on sale.

*You don’t actually need a tent. Dalhousie has accommodations should you need then, just check out the link here.

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