Call For Speakers

Who will you inspire May 27?

What’s WordCamp Halifax without people sharing what they know about WordPress with others?

We’re looking for speakers to inspire a variety of audiences for May 27. Speak independently, as a duo, or even suggest a panel topic we can wrangle you and some other speakers into!

What does it take to be a WordCamp speaker?

Simply a willingness to share your experience with WordPress, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Topics that will appeal to new users right up to seasoned developers are all part of our programming. WordCamp Halifax is a causal learning space, so you don’t have to be a ‘professional public speaker’ to enrich the content of the conference. You just have to have passion and an interesting perspective to share.

We’re not limited to Halifax locals, either. We welcome everyone near and far to apply. We can’t pay for travel or lodging, but we can thank you with a special Speaker’s Dinner in your honour the night before the big day.

Smile for the camera!

A neat aspect of being a speaker at WordCamp is that sessions are recorded and uploaded to In fact, consider taking a peek there to be inspired by past WordCamp presentations.

More information can be found on our Official Call for Speakers page. Go apply! Right now! Go go go!

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